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Where can I put Subwoofers in Soundbars? Subwoofer Placement




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If you’re familiar with home theater, you’ve probably heard the term “sweet spot.” This is a reference to the optimal location for a speaker that is designed for accurate sound reproduction. In other words, the sweet spot is usually a small area in your room that offers the perfect acoustics for those speakers. If you have an audio system with two sound channels (e.g., a soundbar and subwoofer), most of your listening will take place around these two channels.

Consequently, putting your subwoofer as close to your soundbar as possible makes sense. But what if you want to place your sub-woofer somewhere else? There are pros and cons to different locations, but in most cases, it comes down to personal preference and what kind of bass frequencies you want to emphasize or minimize. Here are some of our insights into this topic so that you can decide where to put your subwoofers in your home theater system.

Tell Me the Purpose of A Subwoofer

The purpose of a subwoofer is to provide deep bass frequencies. With this, the low-end frequencies that aren’t produced by your soundbar can be distributed throughout the room. The best placement for your subwoofer is usually near your soundbar, but you can also put it on top of the cabinet where you store your soundbar. We recommend this placement because it doesn’t interfere with your sound bar’s capabilities and offers better sound distribution in the room.

Where Should I Put My Subwoofer for My Soundbar

The soundbar is usually the most typical place to put your subwoofer. This is because there are not typically many other places that offer ideal acoustics for these speakers. Other locations would be on top of your TV, your entertainment center, or a corner of the room.

Where Should I Put My Subwoofer for My Soundbar
Where Should I Put My Subwoofer for My Soundbar

Why Is Placement Important

It is important to place your subwoofers as close to the soundbar as possible because this will ensure that the bass frequencies reach your ears with accuracy and power. However, there are a few exceptions, which we will address below in our list of pros and cons.

Best Placement For Subwoofer With Soundbar

When deciding where to put your subwoofer, it is essential to consider how the soundbar would be used. If you primarily use a soundbar for dialogue and setup-only (e.g., watching movies), it might make sense to put your subwoofer in front of the screen.

This way, you can achieve the best sound for dialogue without having bass overwhelming the soundbar. If you primarily use your audio system for watching television or playing games, it may make sense to put your subwoofer behind the screen. This will help reduce or eliminate any interference from the bass that could cause buzzing or rattling noises during gameplay or watching TV.

In this case, you should use a wireless surround sound system so that you don’t have to worry about wires getting in your way while gaming or watching TV. Suppose you want to take advantage of your surround sound speakers (including those on the front and rear of your room). In that case, sticking your subwoofer on a pedestal can be a good idea because it will add depth by creating an acoustic reflection point between the two front channels.

Additionally, if you want to emphasize specific frequencies more than others, placing them in different locations will allow them to do so in different ways. For example, placing one inside and one outside of a corner can help emphasize lows while diminishing highs and mids in that area.

Type of Room

If you have a large, open room with few obstructions, the best place for your subwoofer is usually right in front of your soundbar.

This will give you a more room-filling and accurate bass response. If you have a small or crowded room, the ideal location might be on your TV or to one side of it. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that the subwoofer should be placed away from the walls so that it won’t interfere with the other speakers in your system.

Wireless vs. Wired

You may have heard about wireless vs. wired subwoofer placement, which refers to whether your woofer is connected to its receiver via a wire or wireless signal. Wireless can be a convenient method of sound transmission and has the added benefit of not needing any cables, which is excellent for those who want their setup to be as unobtrusive as possible.

The downside, however, is that wireless connections are susceptible to interference from other electronic devices nearby. Wired connectivity is better if you look for a clean installation with no interference issues.

I did upgrade my subwoofer to a wireless one, and I would not look back. It is easy to set up from a cost point of view at the same level.

Size of Room

The first factor to consider is how large your room is. Placing the subwoofer on the other side of the room may be optimal if you have a large room and you want to maximize the bass that your soundbar produces.

If you have a small room with very low ceilings, it will make more sense to place the subwoofer near the soundbar instead of in front of it.

Can I Put a Subwoofer in A Cabinet?

Yes, you can. Many people place their subwoofer in a cabinet or on an adjacent shelf. In this case, the cabinet should have adjustable feet to allow the subwoofer to sit at the perfect height. If you want your subwoofer out of its enclosure and sitting on a shelf next to your soundbar, then placing it on the floor might be an option but make sure that there is sufficient room around it so that air movement is not impeded.

How Far Can a Subwoofer Be from A Soundbar?

One thing to consider is the size of your room. The soundbar and subwoofer pair should ideally be in the same general area. As for how far apart they are, it’s a matter of personal preference. Generally speaking, the greater the separation between the two, the more bass frequencies lost in translation from one speaker to the other.

Subwoofer Placement FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about subwoofer placement.

Can I put my subwoofer behind me?

It’s not recommended to place your subwoofer behind you because the sound will be less impactful and could even become muddled. Placing the subwoofer on the other side of the space may be optimal if you have a large room.

Is it bad to put a subwoofer next to a TV?

If you have a small or crowded room, the ideal location might be on your TV or to one side of it. Remember that the subwoofer should be placed away from the walls so that it won’t interfere with the other speakers in your system.

Can I put my subwoofer in a corner?

Placing your subwoofer in a corner can help to emphasize lows while diminishing highs and mids in that area. This is because the sound waves reflect off the walls, amplifying the bass.

Do I need a subwoofer if I have a soundbar?

If you want to experience truly immersive sound, adding a subwoofer to your soundbar setup is a great idea. A subwoofer will give you deep, powerful bass that will add another dimension to your favorite movies, TV shows, and music.

How do I know if my subwoofer is working?

If you’re unsure if your subwoofer is working, try playing a song or movie with a lot of bass. If you can hear the low frequencies, your subwoofer works appropriately. You can also try using a test tone to see if the subwoofer is outputting sound.

I hope this article helped answer your question about subwoofer placement. Remember to take into account the size of your room, the type of subwoofer you have, and your personal preference when deciding where to place your subwoofer. With a little trial and error, you’ll be able to find the perfect spot for your subwoofer and enjoy powerful, immersive sound.

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