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5 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets




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bluetooth motorcycle helmet

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets offer many advantages over other types. They can be used to communicate with other riders and have a longer range. These helmets can also be used for group riding and will most likely pair with other models from the same brand. However, cross-brand compatibility is limited. The FreedConn BM2-S Bluetooth helmet is a good example of a well-designed and modular Bluetooth helmet. It offers plenty of protection, comfort and functionality.

Sena 30K

The Sena 30K bluetooth motorcycle helmet is an innovative Bluetooth intercom that offers riders the ability to communicate with others on the road while wearing the helmet. The device features quick charging capabilities, providing riders with up to five hours of Bluetooth intercom use and three hours of Mesh Intercom(tm) use after 20 minutes of charging. The device also features a dual-antenna design that allows riders to use both Bluetooth ™ and Mesh Intercom ™ simultaneously. The 30K features an intuitive interface, making it easy to use, and the device can also be controlled by voice commands.

The Sena 30K features Sena’s Mesh Intercom technology, which allows riders to communicate with each other without disturbing others. The helmet can be used with both Android and iPhone devices. Users can also connect to each other via the mobile network using the headset. This enables riders to stay connected to each other in the event that one rider falls out of range, and allows the group to continue to stay in contact without disrupting the other riders.

The Sena 30K bluetooth motorcycle helmet has a dual antenna for improved range and compatibility with multiple Bluetooth communicators. The device can be controlled by voice commands, hands-free. The SENA 30K’s Mesh Intercom technology enables riders to instantly connect to up to three other 30K riders within one mile.

The Sena 30K Bluetooth motorcycle helmet features two separate antennas and two separate processors to provide excellent signal strength and range. The helmet also features a Public Mesh mode, which allows up to 16 riders to communicate and listen to each other’s conversations. The Sena 30K can also be used with an iPhone. Users can adjust the settings of the headset via an app on their smartphone.

Torc T14B

The Bluetooth-enabled Torc T14B motorbike helmet comes with a variety of features. The helmet is simple to use and has an intercom system. You can hear other riders clearly while communicating with the helmet’s built-in microphone and speaker. There are many audio inputs and outputs on the helmet, including a microphone, speakers and wired earbuds.

Bluetooth 3.0 makes it easy to connect. You can talk to fellow riders and listen to your favorite music. The headset will last up to 12 hours while talking on the intercom and up to nine hours when listening to music. For a long-lasting and comfortable experience, the headset uses a 600 mAh polymer battery.

The built-in, drop-down visor protects your eyes from the sun while you ride in the sun. Unlike some Bluetooth helmets that require you to buy an external visor, the T14B’s is easy to install and repair. The helmet’s dual-density EPS system provides a high level of protection for the user. It also includes laser-contoured comfort liner padding. This Bluetooth helmet also features a smooth lock-down system for the visor.

The Torc T14B Bluetooth motorcycle helmet comes with a pair of wireless microphones, headset, and headset cradle. The headset also includes two microphones and a pair speakers. The package also includes a micro USB charging cable and a user manual. The headset also carries a two-year warranty.

Its speakers are made of high-quality JBL material and have an improved sound quality over generic motorcycle helmet speakers. The voice and mids sound crystal-clear. Its boom mic isolates most background noise at 60mph, but it would be a challenge at higher speeds. Although the manual is quite comprehensive, it is not very user-friendly.


The ILM TMAX Bluetooth motorcycle helmet can be used as a Bluetooth-enabled helmet. It allows for hands-free calling and answering calls. It also offers voice dialing, redialing the last number, and noise cancellation. This helmet features multiple functions and features and meets all current safety standards.

The ILM T-MAX Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is sold in two-packs – a single one and a dual one. The main unit, a cradle and two microphones are all included in each package. They also come with a pair of speakers and all of the necessary installation equipment. The packaging contains the warranty information and the user manual.

This helmet features a Bluetooth communication system, which allows you to talk with another rider via a speakerphone. You can also use your hands-free device to make hands-free calls. Bluetooth helmets include a jack to connect a headphone and a charging port. They also feature a microphone and speakers that are attached with a cable. The microphone and speakers can’t be removed. They can however be removed and replaced separately. This helmet does not have an AUX port.

The ILM T-MAX bluetooth motorcycle helmet has several features that make it an excellent option for riding. The helmet is made of lightweight ABS and is certified by DOT. You can also find it in four color choices and three sizes. It also comes with a sun visor and a visor.

The helmet’s battery life is another advantage. It provides up to eight hours of active use and up to 110 hours of standby. It must be charged once per month. The helmet is also compatible with several Bluetooth devices, including your cellphone, GPS device, and MP3 music player.

Cardo Spirit

The Cardo Spirit bluetooth motorcycle helmet features a built-in FM radio, 40mm speakers, and a Bluetooth 5.2 chip. It also comes with over-the-air Cardo software for easy updates. The Spirit HD is a newer version of the original, and has many improvements.

The Spirit includes a two-way bluetooth intercom for communication with another rider. This feature is a great convenience when you’re riding alone or with another rider. The Bluetooth 5.2 technology of the headset offers up to 600m of range. The headset is water-resistant, making them a great choice if you spend a lot of time outside. The Spirit also has an automatic volume control, and supports A2DP streaming.

Cardo Spirit also offers a smartphone app that allows for you to control your helmet from your smartphone. It supports fast charging and over-the-air software updates. It is also waterproof and dustproof. It can be attached to any motorcycle helmet. Its features make it an excellent choice for riders who wish to talk to a friend while riding.

The Spirit is a low-cost entry-level Bluetooth motorcycle helmet. Bluetooth technology allows communication between riders and passengers. Other features include high-quality speakers, two-way connectivity, and USB type-C connection.

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