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If you’re considering making your own home cinema subwoofer, you have plenty of choices. There are many popular DIY kits, such as the MartySubs and Rythmik DirectServo, and a lot of cheaper models that will fit in a single box. These kits are a good way to save money, but you’ll have to take a few steps to make them work properly.


If you are an audio enthusiast and are looking for a great way to save money, the MartySubs diy home cinema subwoof may be for you. This subwoofer kit is easy to assemble and requires minimal tools. However, it is important to remember that the subwoofer is extremely heavy. Depending on the model, it can weigh up to 100 pounds. It is recommended to use an amp with a 2000-watt output.

If you’re planning to use a pair of MartySubs, be sure to choose an amplifier with DSP capability. This allows you to fine tune your subwoofer, adjusting for room modes and reducing boomy sound. The Behringer NX3000D and NX6000D are both great choices if you’re building a single or dual MartySub.

One of the most popular DIY home cinema subwoofer kits are the MartySubs. These kits come with an enclosure and instructions for assembling the subwoofer. They’re easy to put together, but do require some skill and extra parts. However, DIY home cinema subwoofer kits are a great option for woodworkers, as they’re cheaper and require less time and effort.

Rythmik DirectServo

If you’re looking to install a servo-controlled home cinema subwoofer, you should check out the Rythmik DirectServo kit. This kit is designed specifically for the DIY home cinema market, so it’s affordable and easy to build. This kit offers a flexible servo system that will fit the size and wattage requirements of your speakers for music and movies. It also has sufficient output to create pounding bass in a large room. It has a 350-watt amplifier and a 12-inch long-throw driver for deep bass.

Behringer EP4000

If you want to make your own home cinema system without having to hire a professional, consider buying a Behringer EP4000 DIY home cinema subwoofer kit. This low-cost, Class A/B amplifier offers 3000W of output with no low frequency filter, and is available at an affordable price of $300. However, you will need to get an external amplifier if you want to use it in your system. While buying ready-made subwoofer kits can be the fastest way to enjoy the bass from your music and movies, it will not provide you with the best sound quality. Custom subwoofer kits are also a great way to get the best sound quality for your budget, and can deliver a much deeper bass.

Besides being affordable, the EP4000 also has great sound quality and is reliable enough for small to medium-sized gigs or mobile PA systems. Both the EP2000 and EP4000 also have touch-proof binding posts, and come with professional speaker connectors that are compatible with most speaker wiring systems.

Another popular choice for DIY subwoofer builders is the Behringer range of amplifiers. These amplifiers are typically used for DJ and PA work, but they are great for home use and are affordable. The EP4000 model is especially popular, with its quiet fan and plenty of power.

Unlike traditional speakers, the Behringer EP4000 DIY home cinema subwoofer can be used for both music and movies. Film soundtracks contain low-frequency sounds that are difficult for humans to hear. It is important to purchase a home cinema subwoofer that can reproduce these frequencies.

Subwoofers can range from 12 to 18 inches. For larger subwoofers, a larger driver is needed, whereas a smaller box is required for smaller subwoofers. However, the difference in price is negligible. Once you have chosen a size, you can calibrate the box with a program called WinISD.

Peerless XLS10

Peerless XLS10 DIY home cinema subwoofer has an attractive cast aluminum frame and features an extra-long stroke (XLS) driver. This feature reduces distortion and adds excursion to the cone. It also has a vented Nomex spider, a rubber surround and a heavy-duty suspension system. The XLS10 subwoofer’s bass characteristics will satisfy the most demanding movie enthusiasts.

The XLS10 features a 30-liter volume and a dual 10″ passive radiator. Its bass response can go down to twenty Hz. This makes it an excellent choice for music and home cinema use. It is also available with a ported design for added bass response.

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