How to Find Home Movies on iTunes

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where did home movies go in itunes

There are two ways to find home movies on iTunes: Search box and Tags. Both methods are easy to use. You can also search for home movies by Tags and by Buying them. Then, you can download them from the store. However, you must be aware that not all movie studios have granted permission to Apple to upload their content on iTunes.

Search box

If you want to find your home movies on your iPhone or iPad, simply type a keyword into the iTunes Store search box. A list of results will appear. These results can come from both your iTunes library and from the iTunes store. The first result you see will be a movie with a thumbnail image. From there, you can choose to download the movie or buy it.

If you have a family membership, you can also view what your family members have purchased. To download an item, tap the Download button. It will show a download icon in the menu bar. In addition, you can click the Activity icon, which displays the progress of your download. Once the movie has completed downloading, click on it to start watching it. Once it has downloaded, you can choose to mark it as „Watched“ or „Unwatched.“ To edit your home movies, click the Get Info link and select the Movie Info option.


If you want to organize your home movies into categories, you can use tags. These are similar to music tags, but you can add more than one at a time. This can save time if you need to edit dozens of episodes of a newly imported TV series. Here’s how to add tags to multiple video files in iTunes.

The first step is to select a tag. Tags for movies are the most straightforward, but there are other types of tags you can use to organize your content in iTunes. The „Name“ field is required, but you can also add other fields if you want. Although the iPhone and iPod don’t use these extra fields, they are useful on devices such as the iPad and Apple TV.

Tags for home movies in iTunes can be edited with third-party tools. AtomicParsley can be used to edit the tags in imported tracks. When you import a track, iTunes reads information from its own database. When you play the track, iTunes will re-read the tags.

Buying options

Home movies can be downloaded to your Apple device from iTunes. Apple offers a variety of buying options for home movies, including buying individual episodes and entire seasons of TV shows. If you like to watch movies on multiple devices, the new buying options for home movies can make your life easier. Buying movies from iTunes is a quick and convenient process.

Tags for home movies

If you have a lot of home movies to watch on your computer, you might want to use tags in iTunes to organize them. You can create different types of tags for different kinds of content. For example, you could create a tag that says „Star Wars,“ and then use it to filter out individual movies. This will make it easy to find the films you want to watch.

The most basic kind of tags are for movies. You should always fill in the „Name“ field if you are tagging a movie, but there are many optional fields that will help you organize your content within iTunes. While most of these fields are not used by the iPhone and iPod, they can be useful for devices such as the Apple TV and iPad.

Another useful method is to add metadata. If you’ve uploaded movies to iTunes in the past, they may not contain all the metadata. In order to add these details, you can right-click on the movie and select „Video Info“ from the menu. From there, you can edit the movie’s title, description, genre, and more. In addition, you can add custom cover art to your movies.

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