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Whether you’re planning to watch movies at home or rent them, you can add decor to your home theater room to evoke the feel of a movie theater. A variety of websites sell specialty home cinema decor and accessories. You can add replica movie posters, light sabers, and even life-sized replicas of your favorite movie characters. Though life-sized movie characters might be a bit much, these decorations can help create a fun, ambiance-filled space.

Film Posters

A perfect movie room requires the right film posters. This can be done by choosing those that are styled and embellished artistically. The Godfather poster, for example, is a classic image representing one of the greatest films ever made. Choosing the right movie posters for your home cinema decor will help create the perfect atmosphere for movie nights. You can find several options for movie posters at reputable art stores and galleries.

Aside from providing home cinema decor, you can use film posters as decor in your living room. The key is to find a design that suits your taste and complements the other decorations in your home. Choose a poster with an interesting font or graphics to stand out. Adding a few posters around your living room will make it feel welcoming to guests. In addition to being stylish, your movie poster will make the space feel more like your personal space.

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Film Posters

If you are a fan of a particular movie, you can also opt for a poster from that movie. While many film posters are anonymous, there are a few artists who have become famous because of their work. One such artist is Drew Struzan, who signs his work and name on the distribution of his film posters. This ensures that you can be sure that your film posters are authentic. You can even find a website that offers authenticity tests to ensure you’re buying a real one.

Art Deco-Style Bar Cart

An Art Deco-style bar cart adds a touch of class to your home cinema decor. It can easily be transformed into a concession stand if you want. You can even add ottomans to make the space more comfortable. You can find similar designs at Amazon. Art Deco-style decor is often associated with mirrored shelves and geometric patterns. This is a style that is very popular among people who want to create a sophisticated look in their home.

An Art Deco-style bar cart can be a perfect addition to any ’20s-inspired home. It can be used to hold a variety of bar supplies, including liquor bottles, cocktail mixers, and glassware. It can also serve as a place to store magazines and newspapers. You can even place some decorative objects on top of the bar cart for a fun and unique touch.

Sauder International Lux Bar Cart, Satin Gold Finish
Bar Cart

Art Deco-style bar carts come in many designs and can be customized to reflect your style and taste. The Andrew Martin design store offers several styles and sizes. The PS350, for example, comes with a distressed brass frame and white marble shelves. Blue agate stones also adorn the top of the bar cart, which is mounted on neat castors. You can find similar designs at other stores.

Concession Stand

Home theaters are great for transforming under-utilized rooms into movie theaters. A home theater is cozy, and great movie nights require a great selection of snacks. A home bar, which doubles as a concession stand, can provide this need. The movie-themed bar can also be a great place to display favorite movie posters. You can use a popcorn machine to offer your patrons the perfect snack.

A home theater concession stand is similar to the one you’d find in a real movie theater. Stock it with your favorite movie theater snacks. For example, you might want to purchase pizza warmers or pretzel warmers or invest in a soda or popcorn machine. Adding a snazzy soda dispenser is another great addition. The options are endless, and your home theater can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

FixtureDisplays 23.0" x 23.0" x 13.3" Wire Rack for Countertop Use with 3 Open Shelves, Black 19396-2D
Concession Stand

Multiple Lighting Sources

If you’re trying to enhance the home cinema decor, you should try using multiple lighting sources. This will allow you to create a more ambiance-rich room. You can even save presets for different scenes and settings and fine-tune them according to your specific preferences. This will help you customize the lighting effect for your movies and other activities. If you’re looking for a more automated system, you can also find one that has the option to program a schedule or adjust the intensity of the lights.

Adding several lighting sources to the room will help create a more relaxing and enjoyable ambiance. Whether you’re watching a movie at night or a daytime screening, you should consider several lighting sources. Overhead lighting will help reduce glare, while recessed lighting adds depth and color. You can also add decorative lighting to enhance the look of the room. But before you buy lights for your home cinema decor, check the specifications of your room and choose the best sources for it.

Recessed cans are a cheap and simple way to enhance the look of your home cinema decor. Just make sure that you place them on two separate circuits. This way, you can use them as accent lights before the movie begins and ends. You can also place a row of cans in front of the screen to avoid light spilling onto the screen. You can also use LED downlighters for the cinema decor. They can be dimmed to provide a warm glow.

Blackout Curtains

Using blackout curtains is a great way to make your home theater a more comfortable place to watch movies. This type of curtain can help block out the light, minimizing glare and preventing unwanted noise from entering your room. These curtains are also machine-washable and include a rod pocket for easy hanging. Consider installing acoustic panels if you have one to get the most out of these curtains.

Using blackout curtains for home cinema decor can help keep your room more comfortable all year round. They can reduce energy bills by as much as 25 percent and will keep the heat inside during winter, blocking out the sun’s rays in the summer. They also create a dramatic ambiance, making your home cinema experience more comfortable. The best curtains will cover all windows completely and barely touch the floor. In addition to reducing glare and blocking light, blackout curtains will also reduce internal echo, which is vital to the movie-going experience.

NICETOWN Pitch Black Solid Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains/Drapes for Bedroom Window (2 Panels, 42 inches Wide by 63 inches Long, Black)
Blackout Curtains

The LEMOMO blackout curtain is a great choice for home cinema decor. Its premium fabric helps prevent glare while blocking the light. They’re made of fade-resistant polyester and are heavy enough to keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. They’re also thermally insulated, making them better for sound absorption and temperature regulation. Blackout curtains can range in price from a few dollars to hundreds.


Using blackout curtains and weatherstripping is the purist way to create the perfect home cinema. However, most of us don’t have this luxury. Many ways exist to create the perfect ambiance, including multiple lighting sources. Some message board members report success running rope lighting along baseboards and chair rails. Adding numerous lighting sources is inexpensive to create a unique and relaxing atmosphere.

While weatherstripping is typically available in adhesive rubber, it can also be purchased in foam or plastic. Both materials can help block street noise and isolate sound in your home cinema decor. These materials are great for blocking noise and are easy to install. After you buy a set, you should follow the directions on the package for the thickness of weatherstripping you need. You should also take measurements before installing weatherstripping to ensure it will fit tightly.

When installing weatherstripping, make sure to check other components of your home. This way, you’ll know if any unseen areas need sealing. You should also determine whether you’ll need ventilation for good indoor air quality. Weatherstripping can be installed around doors and windows, garage doors, and more. When installing a home cinema, it’s important to consider the different weatherstripping types.


Many websites sell various movie-themed accessories if you want to add decor to your home cinema room to make it more like a movie theater. Replica movie posters and other decorations are among the most popular choices. Whether you’re looking for Death Star or an inspirational message, no matter what your taste, there are movie posters and other accessories available on these websites.

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